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UniDollar Network

UniDollar is an autonomous staking rewards platform. Stakers earn 2% of every transaction in proportion to the amount of tokens staked.

Open Source

UniDollar is an immutable (unchanging) ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain. You can view the smart contract for the token and staking platform here.

UniDollar (UNIUSD) is the FIRST Proof of Liquidity (PoL) and Proof of Stake (PoS) hybrid token. The transaction showing the initial liquidity and 110 M token supply to Uniswap can be found here.

Simple Staking Platform

Staking is as simple as connecting Metamask or Trust Wallet to the staking dashboard, inputting the amount of tokens you want to stake and clicking "Stake My Tokens".

The entire staking system, aside from the user interface, works on the Ethereum blockchain ensuring full transparency.

20,000 Token Staking Minimum

2% Rewards for EVERY transaction

Rewards distributed proportionately and autonomously

Community Driven

UniDollar is only as successful as the community behind it. This is why we put great emphasis on community building and listening to the needs and wants of our supporters.

We aim to have this project as decentralized as possible and part of that is by working closely with the community.

The Vision

UniDollar Roadmap

This roadmap is subject to change

Smart Contract Deployed

Token and staking smart contract deployed on Etherscan.

June 2020
Smart Contract Verified

Smart Contract verified on Etherscan for open source and transparency.

June 2020
Flip Game (dApp)

Second dApp to utilize UniDollar released to the public.

June 2020
Token Tracking

Token submitted and listed for tracking on Coingecko and CoinMarketCap.

June 2020
Exchange Listing(s)

UniDollar (UNIUSD) listed on Indoex Exchange with 9 pairs including FIAT pairs.

June 2020
Auto-Staking / New Game

Auto-staking dApp and new game utilizing UniDollar token.

August-September 2020

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